We help founders achieve traction faster, by building growth engines that work.

Our Clients InClude

Build growth engines that work.

Tools and approaches designed to make startup acceleration easer.

Toolkit for Growth Engine Design & Optimization

Our growth engine centered toolkit will make your team focused on what matters.

By learning how to build growth engines faster and focusing on the right engine areas at the right time will help your team achieve more by spending time & effort.

Build Growth Engines faster with our software stack

The selection of your software tools you use can have huge impact on the speed of your project.

Our growth engine centered software stack will help your team to build better growth engines faster.

Acceleration platform that will boost your teams producivity

Our growth engine centered acceleration platform will help your team build great engines faster while lowering the reliance on external help.

You will find the selection of tools, growth hacks, guides, special startup offers and more.

Startup Acceleration Support

On demand acceleration services at startup friendly pricing.

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1. Growth Engine Design
Identification, concept and execution of growth engine components and growth hacks.
2. Software Support
Identification and setup of software tools to build growth engines faster.
3. Prototyping & MVPing
Support with product prototyping, validation and MVP requirements definition.


We co-found startups and build SaaS products which are related to business acceleration and help founders succeed.

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Growth Engine Design & Automation

Broken growth engines are the #1 reason of startup failure. With our toolkit and software tools we help your team design and build growth engine that works.

Software Stack Design & Consulting

Engine Experience
We help teams to build and automate the growth engine. To build an exceptional customer experience and to cover the full customer lifecycle, we rely primarily on Hubspot which is used for Marketing, Sales and Customer Success. We extend Hubspot with GrowthDrive to cover referral marketing and partner programs.
Work Management
We support teams to increase productivity and focus. Our preferred tools in this area are Mindmeister for engine mapping, Moqups for prototyping and Asana for work management.
Content Management
We optimize the quality of content and the speed of content creation. Our preferred tools in this area are Webflow for Content Management, Canva for visual content creation, Descript for video creation and Draaft for accelerated written content drafting.
Payments & Legal
We help to setup payment and billing systems. Our preferred tools in this area are Stripe for payments, payouts and recurring billing and Quickbooks for billing and internal accounting.

Acceleration Programs - Design & Management

Comprehensive solutions and services for design, management and optimization of acceleration programs.
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Program Design & Management


Toolkit and Video Guides

Acceleration Platform

Founderscope Acceleration Platform

The one-stop-shop for startup acceleration.

Founderscope acceleration platform is designed to help startups and founders from everywhere and on-demand develop growth engines that work.
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